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Good Morning Chicklets.....

Well we didn't going to the Covered Bridge Festival. Instead we got up and decided to go fishing. Bad day for fishing, only 7 fish caught. Should of went to the festival. haha. All and all we had a very nice day together and really I don't care what we do, as long as we do things together. On the way home C bought us dinner at Applebees. I had the half order of the grilled oriental chicken salad. Very yummy.

Baby boy stopped by before going off to plumbing school. I love his Wednesday evening visits. He was having hemmie probs so I went to CVS and got him some baby wipes and hemmie meds. Never stop being a mom and I love it, even if he is 25.

Today is Sissy's ultrasound to maybe find out the gender. 18 weeks and 2 days along may be a bit early. She has another usound scheduled two weeks out, that one will tell for certain if the baby is facing or should I say b*tting the right direction. lol.

CHELLE....I used to watch TBL back in the early days but have not watched it in years, lost interest. I may try it again since you are giving it better reviews than before. did the visit go with your nieces? You always make food I like or would like to try. Do you ever just take a day to do a whole lot of nothing? You are always making lists and checking them twice. Thank you for the update from Jen/Mellie.

LAURA...sorry you are still under the weather. How's the BP? Did you get new meds from the doc?

CEEJ...we had a break from the rain yesterday but it is back today and through the weekend. bleh. I think that is why I am havingn sinus issues lately. Who knows probably just more old age sitting in.

HAPPY...funny you got the ingreds and recipe to make the cheddar biscuits and I was at Red Lobster last weekend and didn't even eat them. Believe you me, I love love love those biscuits.

SUSIE....I looked up the TOPS meetings around Indy. THere is one about 2 miles from my house but on Wednesday nights. Weds are Curtis and I's night together as he only has Wed and Sunday's off. I think there is another one about 5 miles away. I may try it just to keep myself accountable.

Make it a great Thursday/evening.

Loves and hugs.


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