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Hi Declutterers!

I wish I could get here more often....It took me 26 minutes to actually get to the point where I could say hello tonight, although I read posts daily and with ease from my iphone (which isn't too response friendly). Anyway, now I really need to get to bed since I work at 530 tomorrow morning.

Life has been busier than I could have ever imagined several years ago. I believe the reason I am moving through it all without lots of off plan eating, stress and depression is because I keep myself really focused on keeping things organized and functional at home.

I'm still focused on my everyday tasks. My routine has become pretty automatic and I find myself constantly thinking of ways to be more efficient. More efficient=more time.

My reno is in it's final stages and theres not much for me to do there right now. The heating guy is working on the furnace set up. The glitch is my mom has 3 rentals needing work and it's my job to facilitate. The first is a major reno and two are yet to be seen (they vacate Oct.31). Right now I just bounce between work, rental and home.

I like when I work at my house best. I get to think about my progress and where I'd like to continue progress forward. I get to live my progress, too. I noticed the other day just how much "stuff" is gone. I tried to think of what I miss and truth is nothing. I just love "functional". I tried to guesstimate just how much I've given away/thrown away.....1/3....1/2....alot, anyway.

I contemplated how I would react if I had to move again since the rental I'm cleaning out was occupied for 25! years. This time around I would still lighten my load even more before moving...especially to smaller quarters. I like that I have room for everything now. Several years ago I did not.

My success strategies that continue to work to my advantage:
1. Pick up after myself every day, which includes making my bed every morning
2. Clean up the kitchen mess before serving dinner
3. Finding strategies to get DH on board and helping.
4. Having a master plan for stocking OP groceries.

I love reading everyone's successes! Time to head to bed!
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