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Default Week 8 on Optifast 900

Hi Karimack,

I am in Canada, so I am on the Optifast 900 program (4 shakes a day, 225 cals each--we don't have the option of bars or soups here). I'm currently in my 8th week. I started at 280 and I'm down 36 pounds so far. I've been feeling really energized. The first week was difficult and then my hunger dissipated. It was smooth sailing from week 2 to week 7. This week, I'm really craving food, and have actually taken a bite here and there. I have another 4 weeks to go on shakes only, and then I'll be allowed to add in one meal, for a total of 1200 cals a day. After that I'll have another 12 weeks left in the program for transition, etc.

I've kept my activity level high. I'm working out every day (sometimes twice). I have a personal trainer who I walk/jog with and I'm also doing lots of aquafit. I also ran my first 5k race! I think that the activity is really the key, although I also think that's why I'm feeling so hungry.

I try to mix it up by adding sugar free flavourings into my shakes (mint, salted caramel, strawberry, etc). I'm also having at least one a day with just a tiny bit of water so it's the consistency of pudding or cookie dough. Then I can spoon it up and feel like I'm eating a meal. advice is to get tons of exercise to burn calories, have all of your shakes and drink lots of water. There's no way that the weight won't come off.
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