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Originally Posted by Munchy View Post
I don't write down every number anymore, but I do just focus on making healthier choices for everyone in my household. When I check up on my counts every once in a while, my totals are pretty low calorie (I know you don't want to count).

My nutritionist several years ago said something simple that just resonated with me: make sure your plate is 1/2 non starchy vegetable, 1/4 lean protein, and no more than 1/4 starch. This doesn't mean you need to have these as separate components, but the idea of percentages can be carried over to any dish.

How does your family do meals right now? Is there any way that the person who prepares meals for your family can tweak them so they're healthier? Simple swaps like opting for lower fat cuts of meat, incorporating more vegetables into your meals, reducing some carbs, choosing lower fat dairy, having less sugar and sugary drinks can help tremendously.
Thanks for the response! We usually eat fairly well...I say "fairly" because I was well-trained by my college coach (who had a doctorate in Nutrition, yikes!) so I do know WHAT to do and eat to be healthy, but life often gets in the way of my best intentions. Like this surgery, and being totally laid up for awhile. We moved here just last year and don't have family within 700 miles, so my poor DH is doing everything right now. He does his best, and likes to eat healthy, too--but some nights it's mac 'n cheese for the girls, frozen burritos for us. The girls eat better than I do, because when money is tight, I do the "mama thing" and make sure they get the fresh fruit/veggies first, and they're good eaters, so they'll eat it all! I grind my own grain to make whole-wheat flour, and that's really the only bread we eat (again, not right now, with me laid up). We never drink carbonated anything, have junk food snacks in the house, or eat out much (can't afford to!). I do have a hot chocolate addiction come fall, though.

Originally Posted by Munchy View Post
Oh, and Dr. Anderson's Simple Diet is an alternative to Medifast that isn't so expensive, and is based off of store bought frozen meals and shakes.

There are some threads for it here, but I know that Kaplods is an awesome source of information on how to make it work for you.
Thank you for the info--I spent some time looking into it just now and my only concern (because I really like how the rest of it sounds) is the exercise. Is that an integral part of the program? We're an active family, but other than doing Elmo's "workout in a chair" on TV days with the girls , I won't be very active for awhile!

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