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Good Morning, Flowers! It's another cool windy morning in my neighborhood. The sun is supposed to shine this afternoon and warm us up to 55. I'm just not ready for colder weather but it's on it's way ready or not. I was looking for something in my vanity drawer this morning and decided it was way past time to clean the three drawers out of the excess "stuff" that didn't belong in them. I'm embarrassed to tell how many old toothbrushes I found, and pitched. I get a new one from the dentist every six months and just ditched the old one in a drawer with the wastebasket right next to the vanity. Stupid! I need to vacuum and work on clothes sorting today.

Susan -- I'm not sure how much rain we've gotten as our rain gauge quit working again. Bob has to get on a stepladder to check -- probably a leaf or a cobweb is plugging the hole. We sure could have used the rain mid-summer instead of now though. I just wonder when the "powers" in Washington will get their act together and agree on some plan. What's on your agenda for today?

I'm dressed and need to get busy! Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday!
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