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I am on day 15 of my fake-nutrisystem diet. I eat yogurt for breakfast, carrots and catalina for snack, an heb prepackaged organic salad for lunch, yogurt and carrots for snack, and a lean cuisine steamer for dinner at 5, and if im still hungry, another salad. Some days I do the Lean Cuisine at lunch and a Lean Cuisine and salad at dinner. I ballooned up to past 360. I know this because my scale said ERR when I got on, and it goes to 360. Like I said, I am on day 15 and I am down to 341. I am using the link and balance method while on this plan. It is in the book The Insulin Resitance Diet. I am so full that some days I have to force myself to eat. Every week I buy my weekly allotment of food. So far, Its amazing. I hope to get to my goal weight, then slowly move back to eating with the family. I will probably stick with the yogurt and veggie snacks and salads, and just eat dinner with them.
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