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S/C/G: 182/182/145

Height: 5'7"


User name: btrflyl8e (real name Christal)

SW/CW/GW: 182/182/145

Location: Seminole, FL

Age: 48

Marital Status: committed to the same man for 23 years. He is awesome, and is on board with South Beach, also (he is way stricter about it so helps keep me on plan)

Kids: none

Pets: 2 cats, 13 year old female Tortie, Meka, who looks into my soul, and 1 year old all black Charlie, who is the animal love of my life and is ALWAYS getting into trouble! I say about 15 time a day, "I love that darned cat!"

Work: I'm an SVP at a large bank... 24 years there this month!

Plan: South Beach. Did it years ago and lost 16lbs, kept it off for a year. Slowly gained it back and then some. Back then though I treated it like a diet, something I never had been on before... I was anorexic nearly my entire adult life until my mid-30s. I was also a smoker. In April 2011 I quit smoking after 29 years, gained more weight. Was diagnosed hypothyroid. Started SB again in October of 2011 and again lost about 15lbs and kept it off for a year. This time I made it a lifestyle change, and I took over all the cooking and meal planning. In September 2012 i was hospitalized for a week with pancreatitis and they took out my gallbladder. Pretty sure both were due to all the damage done from starving myself for so many years. And now I'm going through menopause! Over the last 6 months I've been steadily gaining again for some reason, I think I got a little lax with lunches and snacks, and slowed the exercise down due to extreme stress at work. I am posting again to remotivate myself. This way of eating does work for me and is sustainable for life, I just need to be vigilant. And I need to be militant about daily exercise.

Favorite diet cheat: Pizza, but I'm usually good about not cheating in P1!

Hobbies: butterfly gardening, driving (just bought a Tesla all electric car, I love it), transforming thrift store stuff into trendy and cute pieces.

Reasons for wanting to lose weight: I want to feel sexy and confident again. I want to look nice in cute clothes and feel lighter. I want to be healthy!

I can do this.
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