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First of all, weight loss from now on will impact clothing sizes much more. There is a size range where you have to loose a lot to go down 1 size. As you move along, weight limits will be more in the 20 lbs and then in the 10 lbs ranges.

Second, reorganize your life. I am a night person myself, but have noticed that I need to get to bed ideally before midnight or else I will accumulate a lot of water weight. Your body functions on an internal clock and all your hormones and organs (heart etc) will be affected if you stay up late at night. Set up a new routine and take melatonin if necessary to help you fall asleep earlier. Stress also amplifies this. Therefore, you may experience a lot of water retention that masks weight loss. I had that in the past.

In addition to that, start exercising. I was also in a state where everything hurts and as a poster above said, this will worsen a bit when you start working out. But after a while you will see the tremendous benefits. I lost a lot of inches fast doing Jillian Michaels 30-day shred. It is only 30 min a day. You will hurt in the beginning, but you will also see rapid changes in your body. It will also help you tolerate stress better and rebalance your hormones to make you a happier person. It may also help you lose weight after a plateau. Just give it a try. It certainly is better time management compared to infomercials. And focus on your masters degree. Life will be different after you get your degree.
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