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I'm sorry you're feeling badly.

Congrats on the weight loss so far! I have lost around 75 pounds so far & I have also found myself feeling like what is the point sometimes. Although 75 pounds is a big achievement... still having another 100+ to lose is discouraging.

But, living a healthier lifestyle isn't just about losing weight. Any quick fix wouldn't last anyways it's something you'll have to always work at. I'm trying to see it as I am doing small things to gradually get healthier & the weight loss is a byproduct of that.

You should keep going because eventually it will pay off! If you keep doing healthy things for yourself you will eventually start to feel better. & You're worth being nice to (so be nice to yourself!)

Fell off the wagon, time to hop back on! Re-losing ~40 pounds via calorie counting.

Mini Goals
Goal #1 - Closer to 200 than 300 (& lose regain) (249 met on x)
Goal #2 - No longer "morbidly obese" (240 met on x)
Goal #3 - 100 total pounds lost (230 met on x)
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