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Guess who is in the house? It's Susan! it so good to see everyone! I'm hanging in there! I'm down almost 20 pound! I did great the first month, 2nd was ok, this month was same but I weigh last month in the morning and this time after school. Plus I know I wasn't as good as I could of been.

I did my labs this past week for my hematologist appointment on Oct 18. The PA called to question me about the iron I'm taking and how I'm taking it. I called called my sister, she wanted to know what my levels were. I called back and spoke to the PA? All she said is you levels all dropped! I will to see what the doctor wants to do. I saiid see him Friday. She said he will most likely want to give you an infusion. I'll do anything to have some energy.

Then my knee is bothering me again! The one I had the partial replacement in.

Enough about me..... What's been going on with everyone?

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