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Good morning happy chicks,

I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday so I get a bonus Friday today Of course I am retired so every day is Friday to me.

Susie - nice to meet you - good to set a goal before your milestone birthday and you are giving yourself a reasonable time frame to meet it. Not like deciding a month before your birthday you want to magically lose 50 pounds.

Quick about me - I am married - been with DH for 41 years, married for 36 of them. He stole me away when I was just a teenager No kids - we were almost afraid of what the two of us would have produced besides the fact that both of our moms said they hoped some day we'd have kids just like us We do have fur babies and always had. I was born and raised in Chicago, DH hails from Rhode Island originally and came to Chicago to escape a small town. We were both in I.T. In 2004 my company got bought out by a large paper company and they were closing the office. We were offered jobs but they insisted we relocate to the company headquarters in Memphis. DH's job with IBM was on shaky ground as they kept moving more jobs offshore and the job market in Chicago was getting bad so we decided to move to TN. We thought Chicago winters were bad but were not prepared for the blazing heat and humidity of the south. Lived there for 8 years, DH got his walking papers shortly after his 25th service anniversary and my job got eliminated almost 2 years later. We had been looking for a place to retire for the last 15 years and found what we were looking for in far Northern Wisconsin and bought a home here which was originally going to be our "summer retreat" while I worked for 2 more years. When my job got eliminated I looked for other positions but in the end we talked it over - neither of really fit into the southern way of life so we decided to dump our house, take an early retirement and high tail it back to the north again. Freedom day for us was 11/11/11. DH is quite happy here living in the forest with lots of animals and wildlife for company. I am still trying to find my nitch after working my entire life. But we are both happy, reasonably healthy and while not rich, we have "enough" to get by and enjoy our life. We joke here on the thread that my place is the "commune" that all the Worldly Chicks will eventually retire to so we can all be hippies again and live off the land. It's funny that you say you work for PnG. My "6 Degrees of Separation" to you - if you want to call it that - was that in Memphis I worked with a girl who was my mentor on a new project. She left the company and moved to Cinn and went to work for PnG. She stayed there for a year and a half and then decided corporate life was not for her and left to pursue her artsy passion. Feel free to share some good ideas you get in your TOPS meetings. Welcome again.

Yesterday we went to the next big town because DH's bathroom faucet broke and they don't have much of a selection here. We stopped at Applebee's for an early dinner. They have a whole page of the menu dedicated to WW meals so I decided to be good and order the shrimp parmesan with rice. It was very good but honey, that was NOT a WW 550 calorie meal! It had sautéed onions, herbs and diced carrots in the rice mix and there was quite a bit of oil on it. The parmesan sauce was the same high fat sauce that DH had on his steak and there was melted parmesan cheese over the whole dish. I daresay that was 3 times the calories it should have been. Disappointing because here I was trying to be good. On the way home we saw a sign for fresh cranberries in the town that had the cranberry festival last week. We took a ride down the road and found the nicest couple selling cranberries fresh picked from their bog. I bought 10 pounds to which DH replied 10 POUNDS! but hey, since they are machine harvested you have to sort through and pick out the not quite ripe ones, stones and those that might have some soft bits on them so 10 pounds is not quite 10 pounds. I will use a pound for some fresh cranberry orange sauce and will freeze the rest of the berries in 1 pound packages to use throughout the year although I am debating about trying to make a batch of fresh cranberry juice too. Today we might go for an ATV ride - it's the last nice day - rain is moving in and the temperatures will drop substantially. I was just out on the deck and while it's nice out, there is definitely a cool undertone in the air - you can tell the weather is about to shift. And it's breezy again so the leaves will be dropping. I love wading through crunchy piles of autumn leaves I'd jump in them too but I know I'm at the age where things break easily, heal slowly and take lots of money to get fixed again so I'll be satisfied with just walking through them.

Ceejay - ouch on the sting. This time of the year the hornets come out. Have to watch what you touch. I think Cathy Rigby would be perfect in Peter Pan!

Shad - I'm not sure who else to contact about Mel. Was the office manager (whose name I don't remember) her friend or her enemy? All I can think of is Willie.

Michelle - was probably better you left the decorations back with the ex. If you move to a condo or apartment, having lawn decorations would just be a waste. Sort of like the guessing game with furniture - what to keep and what won't fit any more. That was funny about Carla's Not Igor picture - maybe we should devote a couple of pics to Not Igor themes - no wait, that would just be too ugly - my eyes, my eyes

I will look for a few more pics to add by the end of the day today.

Annie - glad that Sassy girl checked out just fine. She is a real cutie. I'd love to see her in the Weenie Dog races. Have a good day with your friend today.

Hello Laura whom I have probably crossed in transit.

DH is calling - gotta go. Have a good weekend.
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