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Good Evening, Flowers! It's been another nice sunny fall day but way too windy again. My front yard tree is dropping leaves fast. The weatherman said it will be even windier tomorrow. I went to the dentist this morning; $125 and 45 minutes later I'm "good" for another 6 months. This afternoon was crafty club and there were only 4 of us so it was nice to visit and catch up with each other. Tomorrow I am home all day (unless I decide to brave the grocery store) and need to do some much needed cleaning.

Susan -- I hope you get a good report on your breathing test results. Did you make quilts for other ladies at the retreat?

"Gma" and Maggie -- I thought maybe you would check in here on your "intelligent" phones while you are gone. Hope all is going well.

Bob is farming again today so guess his supper will be whatever he decides looks good in the fridge. Not much in there because I don't cook when he's farming. I hate eating in shifts! Hope you all enjoy a nice evening. I wonder what is on tv tonight. Something worth watching, I hope!
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