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Decided to mow only the front and side lawns today. Last week I over did it. Today I reached down to move a pine cone out of the way and ugh something stung me. It's still painful. I got it back as I stomped it. It was yellow so I'm not sure if it was a yellow jacket or hornet. I put a baking soda paste on it. I'll put and ice pack on it later. Should have gone next door to get a cigarette butt.That's what mom always used when we got stung in my younger years. I'm finishing the back lawn tomorrow.
No I'm not going to Paragould or Jonesboro this week end. I'll try to go next week end. My uncle said he ate my share of food last week end.

I will more than likely wait till that movie comes out on dvd. I may watch Peter Pan tonight with Cathy Rigby. I bought a DVD for my neice who was her protogie (sp) while her show ran in Branson. I also bought the cartoon version for my nephew's son.
Wow when you go on an ATV ride you see lots of things.

Glad Miss Sassy had a good check up.

By the way I bought a gift card for Jen and Mel from Walmart. I'm going to send it to Mel's address.
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