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Originally Posted by fadedbluejeans View Post
Thanks for this! It is exactly what I have been looking for! I would much rather put in my own flavor and/or sweetener.
I also wanted to mention that unflavored whey proteins (especially the cold filteted) allow you to "think outside of the {shake} box," for your meals and meal replacement options.

Without the flavors and sweeteners, you can add it to all sorts of things. Some of my favorites

Half a scoop, stirred into a bowl of tomato soup
Half a scoop, sirred into a cup of hot cocoa
Up to one scoop, stirred into any beverage - skim milk, sugar free lemonade, light juice or Crystal Light.

Half a scoop, mixed with a 1/4 cup of instant mashed potato flakes. Add water, skim milk, or almond milk to make a pancake batter (add more liquid for a tortilla or crepe batter).

It takes a few tries to get the pancakes perfect. So your first ones may be a bit dry. The secret is in taking them out of the pan just a few seconds before they're completely done so they'll "finish" cooking as they cool.

If you want a "potato pancake" add grated onion and a very small baby red or baby yukon, grated or even better grated cauliflower

These also make nice "buns," breads, and tortillas for sandwhiches and wraps.

Yesterday I even added a scoop to the cheese filling when I made a low calorie spaghetti pie/lasagna type dish (250 calories per serving). The filling was made with cottage cheese, ricotta, egg, and the protein powder. The heat doesn't hurt because the filling prevents (or maybe just disguises) any clumps.
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