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Back for personals. Geez I talk too much!

Michelle - that's unfortunate that your Halloween stuff is buried in the storage unit but I know how that goes. Did you take the Christmas penguins too? I'm still having trouble sleeping too - maybe it's just this time of year and we are restless during the transition of summer to fall That really is a hassle when you can't seem to wake up. And coffee doesn't seem to help but kick in when you are ready to shut down for the day. Thanks again for putting the pictures together. I'll see if I can come up with something else. Wish I had access to DH's butterfly pictures he took in Chicago but we lost them when his hard drive crashed a couple of years back.

Laura - you mention Fosamax for your Mom. Might want to do a little research on it. They are finding that a certain class of bone density medications - FOSAMAX being one of them, Boniva another - have been linked with causing extreme bone brittleness in some women. The dentist had mentioned it to my Mom when she was considering some dental surgery. That's a shame about the odd encounter with the boss but sometimes it does get odd like that - I think it's just better if they announce they are leaving and are gone in 2 weeks to the month or keep things under wraps. There is generally some weirdness on both sides for everyone. Your soup sounds good - reminds me I have a bag of lentils I need to do something with. Thanks for the movie review too - I may wait for that one to come out on video - he did say it was real "Jersey Shore" sterotype. I loved your hydrangea picture - gorgeous colors.

Ceejay - sounds like you got a good start to your day and are a busy bee.

Annie - hope you have a wonderful day off with your friend - the weather is so nice right now, anything you do will be great. I can't believe that Sassy is a year old already. She is just adorable as are your pictures. Thanks for the tip on the exercise ball - is that to stretch and pull things out? I know I have one in the garage somewhere - a nice one too but like Michelle - it's "somewhere" but looking for it will give me an excuse to get in there and do some organizing. I noticed when I went to dump the trash the other day, DH is arbitrarily tossing things in the garbage - wish he'd toss his own stuff.

Shad - I have to tell you that one of my favorite pictures is the "Not Igor" one And then I noticed Carla's "This isn't Igor either" Poor Igor and all the Igor wannabe's. I see you are home safe and sound. To you have your time back to yourself again or do you have more work lined up? I hope they retain some of what you tried to cram in their heads in a short while.

Ok, I should get busy - sitting at the computer I think is part of the problem with my neck. Have a good day everyone.
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