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Howdy Chicks,

First of all Susie welcome and we're glad to have you. I was one of the original of the group and we had adopted the name Worldly Chicks because a bunch of us came together from all over the world - The States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and England. We've been together over 10 years and in that time people have come and gone as life has gotten in the way of posting on the Internet While we are mostly based in the U.S. now, we have occasional visits from our Canadian friends but the duty of "Worldly" falls to our one international friend and initial founding member Shad - who is a native New Zealander living in Australia. We change our thread title monthly only because at one point 3FC made you close a thread and open a new one after 500 posts. I would say we are more social and supportive than a full on diet and exercise challenge group - but we are really good at cheering each other in our efforts. So come on in, pull up a chair, make a cup of tea and tell us a bit about yourself.

The biggest thing going on with us right now is that one of our good friends Mel has been diagnosed with some very serious health issues. She is in the hospital right now and we are putting together a photo slideshow for a digital picture frame for her to send her some cheer.

In the spirit of yin and yang had a good day and a bad day yesterday. DH and I went out for a long ATV ride. It was a gorgeous warm and sunny day. This was a trail I'd not been on before but he had and it was narrow and winding and with the trees in color it was just spectacular. I was hoping to get some nice pictures for the frame but the colors are past their peak and while there are still some pretty bits out there, they don't come through in the pictures. Michelle I did add 3 more pictures last night - used your naming convention and hopefully you can look at the time stamp to see the newer stuff. I'm only doing that because you asked for a few more pictures. Back to the ride - along the way a deer jumped out in our path, we flushed several grouse out of the brush including one poor scared fellow who ran along side the UTV for a minute or so, there was a huge snapping turtle in the middle of the road. DH stopped to get a picture but that turtle had some moves on him and scooted into the brush. We also saw some turtles sunning themselves on rocks, a pair of swans in the lake as well as a bunch of ducks. Every SINGLE one of them scooted away just as I turned the camera on. We stopped for lunch and then hurried back as we were supposed to go to the movies. Got home and I got a call from the person we were supposed to meet up with - they were not able to make it. That sort of started the downhill slide. I was a bit miffed the way this all went down - lets just say we sort of put our plans on hold waiting on someone else several times only to come up short. I would have actually preferred going to the movies on Tuesday but we changed plans based on them. We were tired after our ride and barely had enough time to clean up and get to the movies but the movie is only there until today so DH said let's just go.

Ok, review of the movie Gravity. The scenery of earth from space is SPECTACULAR. The first 40 minutes of the movie are very gripping. George Clooney is his usual charming self - his character is a total Clooney fest (which was fun and entertaining). Without giving too much away, the second half of the movie was about Sandra Bullock trying to get out of her predicament. I hated the end - it was like all of a sudden they just wrapped up the movie fast forward and suddenly you're staring at the screen credits and the movie is over. They had spent so much time at the front end building the premise (and a good one at that) and then it was like, ok - what else you got, don't know so let's wrap it up. Disappointing. I thought the special effects for showing zero gravity and weightlessness were amazing. There was only 2 very short pieces of the movie where the 3D effects were interesting. Yes, at one point I did flinch when the space debris was coming at me They said they were talking about Oscar contender for Sandra and while she played a good role - darn that girl can do serious character like few others - I wouldn't call it Oscar worthy.

We got out of the show a little after 7 and headed over to Perkins - a family restaurant that serves breakfast all the time - for a light dinner. We walked in, there were about 5 people in the restaurant and were seated promptly. The person seating us asked what we wanted to drink and we said coffee. He said he'd be right back. 10 minutes later our waitress came over and gave us menus and asked what we wanted to drink. We said we ordered coffee. 10 minutes later still no coffee. Waitress came and took our order and we thought she'd bring us coffee. Nope. She went in the back and was talking with the other servers and we had to get her attention to get some coffee. As she set the coffee down I asked her for more creamer (the coffee for a change was rather strong). She said sure and never brought us any creamer. After about 20 minutes she brought my eggs benedict and DH's French toast. She said they were still working on my side of pancakes. I had just about finished my eggs when she brought over a plate of the blackest pancakes I had ever seen. It was obvious they were burnt. I said "don't you think these are a little burnt?" - she said "yes, I would not eat them - let me get you another order". As she walked away I began to get fearful - I don't make it a habit of sending food back because you never know what people do in the kitchen when you send food back. I would have told her to forget it but she disappeared in the back again. Meanwhile I took a bite of the cantaloupe in the fruit cup and had the most horrid crunchy, didn't belong there feeling. Had no idea where that came from. The waitress brought a new stack of pancakes fairly quickly but not only was I afraid to eat them, DH had used up all the maple syrup leaving me the yucky fruit based ones. I figured if I asked for more syrup she'd probably leave it right next to the coffee creamer we asked for an never got so I just skipped it altogether even though the reason I walked in the place was that I wanted some pancakes! Got in the car, ran my tongue along my back teeth and discovered that the "crunchy" thing in my fruit was my back molar disintegrating. Half the tooth is gone. I just made an appointment with the dentist to replace a broken crown and now I have another one. Good bye $2,000. DH used the medical insurance this year and I guess I'll be using the dental insurance. I'm still mad today thinking about it. And I guess sitting in a bumpy UTV seat for 5 hours yesterday did not do my back any good as my neck is horribly painful today. We were supposed to check out another trail today - saw a trailgroomer (caretaker) at lunch and he said this particular trail was really pretty and the colors were only going to last for a few more days so he highly recommended it. But I told DH there was no way I could do this as I was afraid of having a bigger issue. Heat did not help, I used some icy rub/linament and took 4 pain relievers and it's eased up a bit. So tired of this already. Bah.
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