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Morning all.

I stayed up too late on Tuesday night (after the movie), so yesterday afternoon at work I was really dragging. I left about half hour earlier than I usually do, but right on the dot as far as official office hours go. Of course I was waiting at the elevators when the boss, heading to the restroom (before she left for the day), saw me and gave me an odd look. Made me feel like I was sneaking out. Bleh. Whatever, she's basically checked out on everything except a couple major projects she needs to get through before she retires. Otherwise communication between us is just about nil.

Okay, I'll stop whining. I have a good job with a good company, good pay & benefits. Everyday isn't roses, it's work. Get over it.
Perked up just a bit on my commute home, then changed into workout clothes right away. Prepped the onion and carrot and got all the other ingredients for the Middle Eastern lentil soup recipe out on the counter before I went to my barre class.

Barre class was fine. It really works the feet and legs a lot, and they often feel crampy and tired after the barre portion of the class. I need to remember to warm them up before class starts.

I put together the rest of the soup after class. I used my immersion blender to puree it, but I blended it a bit too much and the texture is smoother than bf & i like, but still tasty.

Hi Susie, welcome. I can't give you the history of this thread, but we do start a new thread each month and I find everyone to be very supportive! I'd say this is an active thread - daily postings for sure; can be a bit quiet on the weekends though...

Annie - Enjoy your time off today & tomorrow. Hope Sassy does well with her vet visit.

Michelle - Thanks for all the work on dropbox, etc.!! Mailing on Saturday is fine. I finally have a free night tonight, so I will look through my photos some more and try to upload more. I hope you have a good visit with the doc tomorrow.

Shad - I'd love to see more pics of our 3fc friends. Think you have one of Mel? Safe travels to you!!

Hi Ceejay!! Is it your weekend yet? I'm jealous!!!
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