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Tera, 29 hours a week sounds like a good amount. You'll figure out what to do with the time. Maybe a walk around the Y track (if they have one).

I missed on the calories yesterday. I thought I'd stayed near 1500 cals (and not because I made good food choices) but then right before bed, I remembered having a 100 cal snack pack in the morning that didn't get logged. So I was just a hair over 1600 cals. Not bad but the food choices were horrendous!!!! I had tortilla chips for dinner. Truthfully they were snarfed down on my way home from work and then just became dinner as I had to not eat the rest of the day. The good part is that I took the rest of the bag and smashed the rest and threw them away. And I really don't want another tortilla chip. I think I hit saturation. Another good is that I already logged my breakfast, added my lunch that I brought and added my afternoon mocha and my little ice cream cone. So I know how many calories I have without losing those things. Again, that is progress since I fell off the wagon. Happily the exercise is still in good order.
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