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Battling Binge Eating
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I don't remember ever not binging, although it has gotten worse as an adult. As a child grew up in a poor household where "treats" or store bought items were not in the house often, if it was (like kid cereal, ice cream etc) you had to eat it fast before it was gone. I developed the eat it until it is gone mentality, also eat fast, and hide so you don't get caught. Those are the only clues I can find in my childhood.

I had food issues and an eating disorder as a pre-teen. I have noticed that the binging disorder is tied directly to depression, anxiety, self esteem. However, I can't tell if I binge because I am depressed, or I'm depressed because I binge. I hit my highest weight and worst binging when my ex-husband walked out. That sent me on a spiral.

I also have noticed that when extremely happy, I don't turn to food I have only been binge free once in my life, it lasted for several years. I have been battling binging again, as always, and have been on a binging episode that has last months. I responded to treatment once, tried the med a second time and it didnt' work.

I have many of the battle scars that binge eaters have, an emotional childhood, depressed teen years, socially awkward at times, feel no self worth, suffer from social anxiety, been abused, you name it.
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