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Now you guys have me interested to try the tomatoes and cottage cheese - I usually have fruit with it instead of savory. Reminds me of the old "diet plate" at Woolworth's lunch counter - dry hamburger patty, cottage cheese and a tomato slice I'm sure this is much better and I do have those tomatoes to use up.

Ceejay - sometimes I have purchased the small pre-cut cartons of watermelon only when the sliced big ones were looking pale and yucky - but the pre-cut are really expensive. Good for you for hopping on the bike again.

Annie - sounds like you had a nice crunchy dinner yesterday. You have given me hope that the watermelon I bought last week from the farmer may still be tasty - haven't cut into it yet. You certainly are still getting some nice warm weather. Is the garden still in?

Shad - wow talk about hot! I'm trying to imagine you in full safety gear down at the railroad. I thinking welders suit or space gear You certainly have some interesting challenges in your line of work. Makes for being extremely resourceful I imagine!

Michelle - yes, I don't mean to make you hustle, I was just going through some past threads looking for something and reading posts I was reminded how when Mel's sensitivities kick in, it takes her out of the ball game. I'm not sure what sort of medications or treatments she's on but it certainly would be a shame if she is in a position where she can't enjoy the pictures. I very much appreciate you putting this together for us I've heard of the Warrens cranberry festival also - I think it is bigger - by a little - than the Stone Lake one - Warrens is about 3 hours south of here - half way between us and the WI/IL border. I'm glad you had such a nice time on your cruise and got to see some interesting stuff. Can't wait to see the pictures!

Time for me to get something to eat and get ready for another day at the thrift shop. We are going to see the movie Gravity tomorrow - I'm excited about that. Have a good day everyone.
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