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Glad you stopped by Darcy! I don't think I'd like your schedule at all. When do you have fun???

Tera, I hear you about not moving causing chronic pain. I'm there with hip pain if I don't move. How is your job going?

Gayle, I hope you're doing ok during this hard time.

Yesterday's cals were 1738 - at least they were down from the weekend. Certainly not where they need to be but better. Today, I'm in a chocoholic mood and that never turns out well. But I will persevere. My goal is 1500 cals. I will make it. I biked before work and will yoga afterwards. Tuesday is my only 2X a day exercise day. But as I'm starting to like yoga (EEKS - did that come out of my fingertips???) I don't mind. I was efficient post bike ride this morning and found 15 minutes to quilt a little. That was REALLY nice. I wish I could stay home and quilt all day.
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