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Morning people,

The guest room still smells faintly of burnt electrical - I think I REALLY dodged a bullet with that one. Made a chunky roasted pear and apple sauce yesterday. This recipe called for peeled and cored apples so I went looking for the apple peeler/corer I purchased on a whim after we moved here. Found it without too much looking and gee was that fun! Took me longer to figure out how to use it than to peel my first apple. The sauce was interesting - chunky as I wanted it but a bit too tart for my tastes. It has firm but ripe pears we got at the orchard, I used 3 kinds of apples and has zest and juice of 2 oranges and 2 lemons as well as cinnamon, brown sugar and some cloves. DH said he really liked it although he's going to use the hand blender to smooth it out more and said he can really taste the pop of orange (I couldn't). Labor intensive work tho I tell you. Took me almost 3 hours to make the stuff and clean up and an hour and a half to bake it up. No wonder pioneer women spent most of their time cooking

Talked to my Mom yesterday - she got the results of her bone density test and has deterioration (or destruction as she called it) in both her hips. That's why they are bothering her so much. I have a spot in my neck and my right hip that are pretty gruesome right now - nothing relieves the pain and I'm hoping that is not bone loss causing it as I'm sure it's some sort of spinal thing at this point. I do admit I stopped taking calcium years ago - could not remember to take the pills as I was supposed to. I did have some bone loss after I stopped taking hormones but was still in the "green" part of the range when I had my last test 8 years ago. Shucks. I can't think of any logical reason for this pain and by now I've quite had enough of it.

Laura - I caught Jay Leno I think and he had Joseph Gordon Levitt as a guest promoting that Don Jon movie - it looked good. Let us know how it is. Good for you for sticking with the exercise plan and especially those challenges. I understand about the WW - like the challenges I imagine - easy to get off track and one has to make sure they stick with it to see results. Many years ago on this board I ran a fitness bingo type challenge - we blocked out each square of a bingo card with a specific item like hold a plank for 90 seconds, do 30 sit ups, drink all your water today, etc. And then you put slips of paper with each of those challenges into a bowl or something from which to draw from. Each day you'd draw and complete that challenge. I think it was a 5 x 6 squares - so 30 day challenge. Since the tasks all differ, it kept it from being routine or boring. And it isn't really BINGO! since you're not trying to fill in a line like bingo - kinda like the cover all squares game. Just a suggestion if you were looking to create your own challenge this next time around.
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