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Morning all.

Michelle - Sounds like you had a fun weekend - maybe too much fun. Are you feeling better today?

Happy - OMG, thank goodness nothing worse happened with that heating pad!!! How scary!!! Maybe icing your aches would have been better after all, haha. Your marmalad sounds tasty! What a shame a large quantity of the tomatoes will go unused, but that's the way things happen. I will likely stick to only one or two (or three) tomato plants next year. Re the moisturizers/anti-aging products - every once in a while I do wonder how old the women in the commercials & adverts are. As for the soap dishes for the half bath - we really just want to do a quick update without too much expense. Soap dishes, towel rods, light fixture, medicine cabinet, paint.

Ceejay - Glad you're being realistic about your retirement plans. We've got longer life spans these days and more expenses than ever!! Retirement may not be possible for a lot of people. Glad you've modified the ab challenge and are back to it!! Go girl!!

Shad - Sorry you're getting this hot weather already! You've already got the high electric bills to sort out, you don't need more! I hope you hear something from Jen soon. Good luck with the rest of the ab challenge. I don't think I reported here that I finally finished it last Friday (whoo!!!) - I found the last part really difficult and time-consuming. But I did end up with a much stronger core. Definitely worth it, wouldn't you say?? I would, however, like to incorporate more back exercises into my life.

Annie - I had the cottage cheese/tomato combo the other day. Yummmm. Cukes and watermelon for dinner - sure healthier than mine - we had frozen pizza. Reminds me, I better guzzle some water now and see if that flushes the sodium out of my system before my WW meeting this afternoon.

Found out yesterday that someone at work that I was friendly with got fired last week. Not in our department, but the department I used to work in long ago. Not terribly surprised, because she did tick off a lot of sr. people, but still sad to hear it.

Pilates was good last night. I have some muscle soreness today. I'm thinking of what my next challenge will be. I will likely create my own this time.

WW meeting today. Coming to the end of this session and haven't much at all to show for it. I need to get my head back in the game if I'm to make progress in the next one. Oh yes, I'm definitely signing on again.

Tonight I'm seeing the movie "Don Jon" with Joseph Gordon Leavitt. I've seen the preview a lot and think it'll be good.

Okay, better get this posted before further interrruptions happen.

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