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I think I've been a binger for as long as I can remember. The only thing is, my level of activity was pretty high so the binging never resulted in weight gain. I wasn't skinny but was still within a healthy range.

When I turned 17 and started college, my level of activity decreased dramatically. Over the course of ten years I binged and binged. One feeling in particular always made me binge: feeling lonely. I was in a LDR with my ex, which meant plenty of lonely times.

The one thing that finally broke my binge cycle was three things.

1. I told myself that if I wanted to eat, it will be on the dining table. Always in a place where people can see me. If I want fast food, I'll eat it at the restaurant itself. I would always binge in my car and when I did that, I put away 1000s of calories at a time. My family would be surprised about why I'm gaining so much weight because I would never eat in front of them.

2. I stopped eating at night after 7pm. I know the hour on the clock doesn't matter when it comes to losing weight. But I was a big-time night binger. I needed to be strict with myself. I realized most of the time I wasn't even hungry at night. I was just feeding my feelings, not feeding my body. I started doing other things like catching up on my reading, or shows.

3. I started talking to my friends more often. I spend more time here. My binging habit stemmed from loneliness. When I'm talking to people, when I don't feel the need to constantly stuff my face when my body doesn't need the calories.

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