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Sending you lots of hugs Sum, today is a fresh, beautiful day and you can eat really healthy and be gentle with yourself since you had such a rough day yesterday!

Mak - you are doing great, a whole week is totally within your grasp! Keep up the GREAT work!

nlauah - Congrats on a fabulous weekend, I just know it felt good to wake up Monday morning and not be thinking "I have to start over again" and instead be feeling GREAT about how you took care of yourself over the weekend (and we all know how hard weekends are!).

mainecyn - For me, I have to work hard at not assigning such feelings as "dirty" and "shameful" to myself, those feelings really drag me down (into more binging of course). Oddly, I think of my binge eating disorder the same way as I think of my cancer, both are terrible and can do great damage to my health and my emotional well being. But I'm not ashamed I've had cancer, it isn't dirty, and it doesn't make me a bad, weak person. Same with this eating disorder. It was just my luck of the draw to get a binge disorder, and now I have to learn to manage it -- that is where my responsibility to myself is. To accept I have this terrible thing and then do my best to minimize its impact on my health and happiness.

Does that make sense?

Edited to add: my husband knows I have this problem, so maybe that makes it a bit easier for me in many ways. I mean, I don't share this stuff with just anyone (just ya'll, and mostly anonymously (I hope) on my blog, and my mother and my husband) because many people WILL NOT understand and will simply think it should be EASY for me not to binge eat. But that is on them, they don't understand, and we do. Have you ever thought of tell your husband about your struggles? It helps me that my husband knows about it and loves me anyway, he doesn't think bad of me, nor does my mom.

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