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Today was kind of crazy. I'm in a BAD PMS and Fibro flare - Achey, Angry, Bloated, and maybe just a tad Irrational. I ended up eating off plan for no good reason except to carb-medicate my agitated emotions.

Hubby tries to be supportive, but sometimes that tees me off worse (heck the way he breathes ticks me off).

I know the mood swings are all "me" (or at least my biochemistry), buut emotionally it still feels like it's his fault.

I also have to employ the "white knuckle" willpower, because all I want to do is eat the sedating and pain-relieving carbs. If I didn't find the carbs so effective as a pain reliever, mood elevator, and anxiety dampener (in the short term) they wouldn't be so darn tempting.

Anyway, just needed to rant and rave a bit (to someone who won't be tempted to throw chocolate at me in self-defense).
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