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Excellent advice from 7lbs! I really liked the idea of telling yourself that you can't have something right now versus never being able to have something.

Day #5 and I went 29 calories over my planned amount of calories for today ,but I don't feel like a failure. I decided if it is less than 30 I won't count it as being an off plan day which I am feeling really good about because I didn't get completely discouraged by the slight overage. I think it will help me to build resiliency for times I need to pick myself back up and get back on plan after an off plan meal or day if I am careful about the perspective I chose take on these small deviations from my food plan.

Mrs. Snark's process of using a very strict food plan initially is proving to be very helpful for me as well. It helps me feel like I am really taking charge of controlling what and how much I eat which is a great feeling! I'm very excited that in just 2 more days I will be able to say I went an entire week without overeating!
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