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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a beautiful sunny fall day in my corner of the world -- cool this morning but warmer this afternoon. "Someone" messed with my giving list at church so when I'd put an envelope number in the computer, I got a totally different person on the screen. So instead of being able to just type in a number, I had to type in the whole name. Made me mad! The secretary ran quarterly reports on Friday and I think she alphabetized the names which were in screwy order in the first place. I'm hoping she can fix it because I sure don't know how. This afternoon I co-hosted the meeting and am glad that's over for another year. Bob is at church for practice so I have a couple hours to call my own. Oh, the gift shop direct deposit figure was different than mine, for the payroll deduction part. I emailed the accountant and she sent back a list of all the hospital employees and what they had charged for the two week period. It was up to me to find the mistake . . . and I did!

After driving over half way in rain, to Sioux Falls yesterday, the sun was shining for the last 45 minutes! I wore my winter jacket and had a blanket to wrap around my legs. The game lasted almost an hour and a half and I was getting cold towards the end as it was windy. Ian had a couple of really good plays and his team won. The next game is next Sunday -- just what I wanted to do on my birthday. NOT! A couple of the kids took some pretty good hits but went back in the game later. I just don't like football period!

Maggie -- I hope your Jeep wheels get there soon so you can be on your way! I don't know if Beth ever got Fred to the basement or not. Will could carry him down if need be; I'm not sure how long their sirens blew. Did you find any treasures in your basement box that you forgot you had?

"Gma" -- I haven't been on FB today so will check out your new do there. I hope your sore throat is gone. That's not fun! There were five or six tornadoes in the area and too close for comfort as far as I'm concerned. I made bars that are supposed to be like pecan pie but they were a flop. I used a new pan which is a darker one not thinking about lowering the oven temperature. The bottom baked too brown and the top was still gooey. Bob said they tasted all right and took some to work with him. The outside edge sort of crystalized -- not very appetizing to look at.
When are you leaving for Florida? Thanks for the birthday wishes. "Another year older and not any smarter!"

I have farm clothes to go in the dryer so need to check and see if the washer is done. Hope you all enjoy a relaxing evening!
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