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Morning all, from sunny and scorching Rockhampton. It's going to be a very long hot summer. We are already experiencing temps which are breaking records. My city (Logan) was 10 degrees C above normal yesterday - we reached 38.5C or about 105 and this is Spring!!!!

Happy - its a bit worrying about not hearing from Jen. I will send her a message today asking how things are going. As you say, she is probably not interesting in anything but Mum at this point. We can always send the frame with the usb stick. I presume the one that Michelle bought uses a usb stick to hold the pictures. And then we can send more later.

Michelle - unfortunately the wildlife don't always perform when we go out there to look. Just have to hope. We have a whale watch boat down on the Kaikoura coast in NZ that guarantees you see all three. Most of the time you do, but there is one very lazy whale who is obviously star struck and who will wait around for the boats. Dolphins are always fishing around that coast and the bloody seals live there. So much for that guarantee. You don't actually have to pay for the boat to see the seals. Most tourists don't know that. Not far from where I used to live in NZ there was a colony of juvenile male seals. You could actually walk among them (if you don't mind the smell)

Ceejay - sometimes we don't give enough thought to what is going on when we shift to someplace else. As someone who shifted countries, I can tell you that no one ever does enough homework on either a move or a retirement. You think you have got it, but something always comes up.

Laura - Mt E-Mail, Mt Papework and Mt Washmore. Poor you. Sometimes you have to wonder if it is all worth while going on leave.

Annie - lovely to have time with the littlies. Wish I saw more of mine, but then again, maybe not. Families, gotta love them.

Okay, time for the last run of the morning on this Abs challenge. Up to day 20. Only 30 sit ups, 40 crunches and the 80 second plank to go. Can't wait for this to finish. Then I need to shower and get on with the day.
Got to go find this place I am meant to be working at. I love it that I'm told that I am to go out to xxxx Railway workshops and full PPE gear please, but they don't tell you how to get there. Should have taken a dummy run last night I suppose.
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