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Battling Binge Eating
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So far, i've made it thru most of my day at work. I am seldom hungry at work and there really are no triggers at work that make me eat. It is always at home. I am at that gut-ugly place that you mentioned, I have taken out food from the house, but it got to the point that I would get in the car and go get it, like this weekend, and drive around while I binged or park in the parking lot like I did at the donut shop as I ate 6 donuts one after another. Its ugly and it is an addiction, i do know that, I've known it for a long time. Hoping I will get to that place I had been before a few years ago where I can just control it, not want it or need it (the binge and release feeling). its a high thats for sure while I am doing it, everything rushes and feels so good, all those happy feelings wash over me and there is nothing else, no wife, no mum, I am just me..then when it is done and over with all the hateful feelings and thoughts bubble to the surface, these are always worse than the reason I binged in the first place. Its a horrible cycle.
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