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Morning all,

I just noticed Carla's pictures on the Drop Box. Sorry that I recognized her cat before I did her (I've never seen her before ) Just have to say that it's so nice to see everyone's pictures. I have really enjoyed this.

Also ... I don't want to be pushy but do you think maybe you can get this frame to Mel as soon as possible? I don't know what kind of shape she's in. I'm a little worried that we have not heard from Jen although I know she's probably running around like a maniac - I know myself that when you have someone in the hospital, it totally takes over your life. I think Mel will really love this, just wouldn't want to get it to her and she can't view it because her eyes are bothering her or she's doped up.

My neck and hips are really hurting so last night I slept in the guestroom so I could use the heating pad (they don't recommend using any heat on our memory foam mattresses). I woke up to a noise at 2:45 - thought the cats had jumped on the bed but no cats. Next thing I realized was this horrid smell in the room. I grabbed the heating pad controller and burnt my hand on a hot spot. As I was waking up and recoiling from the burn the thing popped a blue flash, smoked and died. I bolted upright and all I could think of was thank you Jesus that this thing did not start on fire and burn us all down. I have to admit it really kind of shook me up - the smell was awful so I got up and not only opened the windows but had to get a clothespin to pull the curtains back to get more air into the room.

Yesterday I made a batch of tomato marmalade - it's a sweet based jam with fresh lemon and orange slices as well as cinnamon and clove and a bit of ginger for good measure I picked through the tomatoes (which have to be blanched and peeled) and first used up the meatier Roma type of tomatoes. You blanch them, then chop them and let the excess water/juice run out. I didn't have enough Romas so then I moved on to the beefsteak tomatoes. Blanched and cut them up and darn if they weren't 80 percent juice and very little pulp once I pulled the skins off. No wonder my batch of pasta sauce was so watery. So I still have about 20 pounds of tomatoes left but not much else I can do with them since they are the beefsteak kind. A few can be used for salads and sandwiches but I'm afraid there's a bunch that will simply be tossed in the back. After a second year of gardening, I'm not sure I will devote an entire bed to tomatoes again. I can always supplement from the farm vendors on the streets in town.

DH is about to go out and rake pine needles - thank goodness that's what we have instead of mountains of leaves. I'm sure he'd like some help but I have a kitchen to clean up, lots of laundry to do as well as vacuuming and dusting. I will get out there later if I have some time. Tomorrow is a work day and we might go to see the movie Gravity afterwards. Wednesday if the weather holds up we might go for an ATV ride. The leaves should be at peak color so I'll try and get more pictures. DH put up the new shades which are a bit crooked because the window frames are crooked. That is bugging DH so I hope it's an easy fix. I also realized as I moved things to give him access to the windows that I have squirreled away at least 50 books I want to read "someday". Now that the cooking season has ended (although I still want to make homemade pasta), I need to buckle down and set aside some time to read.

Laura - thanks for the compliment! I know I am getting older. I can see that my face is getting that old lady puffy from loss of elasticity. Maybe I should try some of that Oil of Olay Regenerist stuff they advertise on TV for youthful skin that they use 19 year old models for !!!! They think we don't notice that???? They were doing chair massages at the cranberry fest. I would have loved one but we were carrying several bags and I didn't want to saddle DH holding all the stuff while I got massaged (bad enough he had to be the dutiful husband while I did the potty run). There is a place in town that supposedly does lovely massages - I may check that out next month after I save up for it. Bummer that you just missed the plumbing store closing. Hope you find the soap dish you are looking for. A friend of ours who has some great ideas is remodeling his mom's very old house. He retiled the shower and put in a "grotto" where the soap dish was. He put a cute tile inset in there and it looks really nice - still retained the vintage look of the bath, yet was more practical to hold today's liquid soaps and shampoos and such. We put a "soap shelf" in the corner of our remodeled bath in TN and were surprised that there was a very limited selection of ceramic corner shelves - we went to a supply store and the owner said people were favoring the gotto/inserts now. It was nice to see a picture of your BF on the Drop Box - I feel like we are an even bigger "family" now

Annie - no, Nina didn't pose for my avatar but if I could get her to wear a hat, she'd look something like that. I'll bet that Lil Man is at that age cute as can be. Just the perfect age. How nice that your friend is coming in. Hope you have a great visit.

Michelle - how was the cruise? Did you get any good pictures?

Shad - hope you arrived safely. Will this be a hectic week to get 3 weeks of training compacted into one?

Ceejay - sorry your friend does not like her new job. I can relate - there is a certain restlessness in changing things up before we find a nitch to settle into. I think you are wise to skip over the occasional frustration of wanting to retire THIS VERY MINUTE and instead wait until the time is right.

Well DH is making ALOT of noise downstairs. I need to go see what that's all about. Have a good day everyone.
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