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Here are some tips from Mrs.Snark from another thread. Thank you, Mrs.Snark, you've been awesome! I really appreciate your thoughts.!

"If I had waited for actual motivation I still wouldn't have started changing my habits. Motivation comes in fits and starts for me, I can't really rely on it.

For me to "get into the groove" I had to clear my house of all junk and follow a very rigid plan. I knew that I would have more flexibility in the future, when I had established some better habits, but right at the beginning the only thing that kept me from going crazy was a strict plan and no access to junk. And there were some really hard moments where I had my car keys in my hand and the urge to go buy EVERYTHING and EAT IT, so I know I wouldn't have survived those moments if I'd had easy access to junk right at those moments. I even gave my husband my wallet a couple times. It is HARD at first -- seriously, gut-it-out ugly, want to pull out my hair, hard for me.

It did get easier with time, and repetition of good habits. I'm not nearly as rigid as I was in the first couple months, but occasionally I still have to fall back on a very strict plan -- no playing it by ear."

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