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Morning all. Back to work today. Mt. E-mail to tackle. Bleh.

Annie - sounds like you had a good time with the li'l guy over the weekend, and you have another fun weekend coming up with your St. Louis bff. Yay for a short work week!!

Shad - hope your travel went smoothly and that this week's work is the same! Great photos in dropbox - stunning scenic ones and I really like that one of the family in which you're holding an earlier family photo. And nice to put a face to Mel's Jen!

Ceejay - I had a couple fits and starts with dropbox, but managed to get my photos on there. Of course, right when I was ready to upload them, I realized my photos were high in pixels and therefore high in the kbytes, so I decided to re-size them so they didn't use up too much of the allotted space. Oh, and I believe the pictures are in order by the filename you've given them. Have you fully rested yet?? Six days of work in a row, with those long workdays you put in - I'd have been exhausted too!!

Happy - Sorry the cranberry fest was not as organized as it could be. Long walk from the parking!! Nice you got a ride back and didn't have to walk it - the weather sounded sucky. You sure did a lot of cooking & baking!! I picked a bunch of cherry tomatoes the other day, but just one big tomato (but a nice one). Looks like I'll be snacking on the little ones until they're getting to be past their prime. You sound all achey - all that walking, as well as all the standing when you work in the kitchen. I hope it's eased up by now. Do you ever get massages? Sure sounds good to me, and I don't even have any aches at the moment!! Love the pics you've posted on dropbox! You don't look like you've aged a bit when I compare the 2003 pic with the more recent ones! Nice of you to get Patty & Java's pics on there too.

Michelle - How was the cruise? Sounds fun. What a great idea. I've been on a boat that went to Alcatraz, and a ferry over to Tiburon, but a wildlife/eco cruise sounds so interesting!

Gosh how quick the time off flies! My Saturday began with a full morning of sorting through the mail basket. Oy! But I got through that and a lot ended up in the recycling bin. And I could have sworn I'd purged the catalog pile not tooooo long ago, but nope, there were a lot of holiday catalogs in the pile. Have to keep up with this so I don't need a 5-hour session again!

After that was a hair appointment. Touch-up and cut, and it took a full 2 hours. Seemed like I sat with the color on for longer than usual, and then after I was rinsed & shampooed, I waited some more for my cut - my girl had to make an appointment for someone because another employee was busy. After that was a late lunch - we went to a place near a bathroom/plumbing showroom that we thought we'd visit to see if they have the recessed wall soapdishes for our 1950's bathroom. However, they closed at 4 pm and we were too late. We discovered this while we were sitting in the car in their parking lot waiting for the rain to let up before going inside. And guess what - it just kept raining & raining like cats and dogs almost all the way home. So much rain so quickly that we made many detours to avoid flooded roads/underpasses, but we still drove through one section in which our car was so deep in the water that I thought for sure the car would die and we'd be stuck. Thank goodness we made it through!!!

Of course it had stopped raining completely by the time we got home, so I put on my crocs and took doggy for his walk.

Yesterday was a lazy day, just did a dog walk and a couple loads of laundry. Bf was not feeling well all day, but finally got out early in the evening for something to help his stomach and it seems to have worked.

Tonight's my pilates class. That's about it for me. Back to catching up!
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