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Good morning girls. We will have thunderstorms and rain all day today, but I am going to get the inside of the car cleaned anyway. I can either pull it out and sit in it closed up or work the driver's side while in the garage then pull it out to get into the passenger side.

My hair is spectacular. I went in there and they were teasing me and when it was done everybody was saying, "She's back!" I will post a picture on FB in a couple days when I have it all styled and such. It is bright crimson and has blond pieces all in it all over. She cut asymmetrical so one side is longer than the other and did it at the neckline that way too. I just love it and Jack thinks it looks, "cute" on me so there you go.

I did not sleep well last night, have a sore throat from hair getting into my throat and hair up my nose. My hair is so fine that when she cuts it the stuff cut off flies all over the place. Of course, I never shut up so I apparently swallowed some, which I do a lot of times when I get my hair cut.
Combine that with some super duper fall allergies this year and I feel a bit miserable at the moment.

Jean: Boy sounds like your area got the heavy rain/tornado stuff. Jack says a lot of the heavy inclement weather is coming from the tropical storm that hit around New Orleans. Seems like everybody is getting a lot of rain right now or in the far north heavy snow. Hope Bob was able to get all his pictures taken and such for those folks to file their claims. What bars did you end up making?

Maggie: Glad you were able to find what you wanted. I found several on etsy and ebay and this great online asian place. Have you ever heard of Bento boxes? They are Asian lunch boxes basically. Kelly swears by them for Thomas's school lunches. She has been using them for several years now. One of the great things about them is all the little compartments are pretty much a half or whole serving size so you can give your kid all kinds of things and they can't overeat. Of course Kelly doesn't put in junk food, but he takes fruits, raw veggies, leftover meat, seafood or such they may have had for dinner and stuff like that. I think it is cool because they get samples of lots of little things

I am going to work on my best friend's hat today and work on her entwined hearts scarf. It is going to be wicked because you have to knit by chart and make sure you don't loose your place and such. It has a 4 stitch seed border on each side and the pattern then between them. I marked off the 4 st border with my little plastic safety pin stitch markers so I don't forget the border and I think that is what I am going to do for the body of the scarf so I don't get lost. I will use the purple safety pins for the border and than the lavender for the center. Hopefully that will work out. I keep starting projects to take on the trip then get caught up in them and finish them here at home! For me, knitting has a calming influence over me. It helps me not to stress out about stuff with regards to anything, the condo, the trip, family, whatever. I make intricate things so I have to concentrate only on it. As usual, it teaches me real patience too. The hat I am making I started in another pattern which she had screwed up and was too lazy to fix so told everyone to ignore where it went wrong and just keep knitting. Bologna! I started and rippe that hat out at least 6 times and finally said, you are full of it this won't come out right no matter what you do and deep sixed it in the trash can and went looking for another one.

Time to go. You all have a nice Sunday and start to next week. The countdown is on. Faye
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