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I stayed within my calorie range fir today but I technically still overate because I ate most of my days calories at lunch. I forgot to take a snack with me when I went out mid morning ,and I let myself get to hungry which is a way that I have sabatoged my progress in the past but I know now that is one of the things that needs to change in my pattern so that I can reach my goals. I am proud of myself though because I did not continue to overeat and go over my daily calories so I guess I am counting this as an on plan day!

I was thinking about how I hoped I would have the courage to post even on my worst days and reading Mrs. Snarks words helped me to realize the importance of maintaining my commitment to coming here to give and get support. The truth is it's on my worst days that I need to practice all of the things that I have learned to do to help myself. So I will keep coming back because it is an important part of my over all plan.
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