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That's an awesome idea and anecdote musiclover, thanks for sharing that! That is exactly how you form new habits, and as you do it, the change will become easier and easier and more and more natural! Love it!

Hope everyone is having a great, healthy Saturday!

I will throw out this one piece of advice for us all today: don't stop coming here! Commit to yourself that you will check in daily -- even if it is just one, single post -- NO MATTER whether it has been a good day or a bad day, you will come and write down what happened.

It is easy, of course, to write about the good days. But often, when someone has a bad day, they don't post on that day. They want to "get back on track" before they post again. But as often happens to us, one bad day can turn into several bad days, then a week, then a month and then they disappear (for years -- and I'm talking about ME here, so I speak from experience). Instead of using the site to help halt the slide into constant binging and over eating, people will stay away, right when they need the site the most!

So prepare in your mind for a future bad day (I had one last week) and know that you will NOT disappear, you will NOT give up. You will come here and we will help!

I say this to myself as much as I say it to anyone! I will rely on you when I have a bad day -- and I will be here for you if you have one!

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