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I actually don't care much for the term "meal replacement," because that almost makes it sound like it's not a "real" meal.

I think that's even why people often hassle us for using them. Somehow a danish or coffee cake is a "real" breakfast (even though it may contain no protein and be higher in calories, fat, and sugar than a piece of birthday cake), but somehow a protein shake isn't?

I know drinking calories is generally not recommended for satiety, but that really only applies to high carb,.nutritionally empty beverages like juices and sodas. Beverages containing protein (even milk) are much more filling than other forms of "liquid" calories.

I laughed when I heard that Dr. Kovorkian had gone on a "hunger strike" in prison, but was accepting milk, juice and other beverages. A person can live on milk and juice and maintain a healthy body weight for YEARS (and of course the doctor would have known that).

There I go, rambling again.
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