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So great to read of daily victories - like Mak78 and Sum 38

A few days ago I was reading someone's weight loss success story,(and I'm sorry that I cannot attribute this to her because I can't find it again) but she said that whenever she found herself saying to herself or thinking the words "I may as well..." she immediately changed it to "I may as well NOT..."

I say "I may as well... really often, such as 'I may as well finish this packet of cookies - there are only 2 left' or I may as well go out and get box of doughnuts coz I need them to get over this bad day'

Well I tried her strategy, and added an emphatic NOT when I found myself doing this, and I was amazed that it actually worked. Not sure why but something in my brain made a switch and I found that I could not eat off plan. I think that the thoughts really changed - and as easy as it was for me to think 'I may as well' it became as easy to think 'Actually, I may as
well NOT'
Last night I was about to take some leftovers out the fridge and scarf them, but as I caught myself thinking I may as well just finish them, I thought actually, I may as well not, and holy moly I was happy to put them back. Woo Hoo
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