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Wow! : Life4evr. You're doing great. Glad you're down a whole size. That always feels [email protected] Keep up the good work.

I am working hard to stay within my points plus. It feels great to be on the correct side of onederland (can't say "right side" because that doesn't work).
I hope to lose a pound a week, but I put weight back on right after my cold wasn't so bad so I have to lose that first. I'm not giving up because this is a good place to start!

: and for every one of the Turtles!!! We can do this. I've got a goal in mind.

Have a great weekend and chime in when you can. My dd and her family moved out of our place on Wed. and into their house just down the block.
It's so good having her near by. I'm hoping you are all doing well and thinking about putting yourself on your list of things to do!

234.6/197.6/180's and thinner
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