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Hey All, I lost 50lbs with the regular IP protocol. I switched to the Alternative plan because I am working out at the gym to get ready for ski season. Not exercising for 3.5 months was just weird to me. But I did it.

I have not seen the scale budge since I've been on the AP. If you are not in ketosis, then how does your body know to burn fat? I have been on a weight loss stall for about a month now and I'm getting very frustrated. I have 25lbs to go and I just want it GONE! UGH.

Any advice? I know the weight loss will be slower, and I am doing 30 min of strength training so I am building muscle, but at what point will the body say, "Okay new muscles, start burning calories!" Or I wonder how many weeks it will take for my body to adjust to the increase of carbs and calories and the exercise 3x a week. I've been sore and tired. And have three kids.

I know I sound like a complainer, but after so many weeks of great success, and then a plateau, I'm just beside myself! I am hovering over the 200 mark. I, mentally, need to break through that 200lbs barrier.
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