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The guidelines:

3 shakes + 2 entrees + 5 freggie servings

Shakes 100-200 calories, 10-26g protein, less than 6g fat
Entrees 140-300 calories, 10-25g protein, less than 9g fat
Soups 100-200 calories, 10-20g protein, less than 6g fat
Bars 100-200 calories, 6-20g protein, less than 5g fat

Theses are the plan minimums. If you're still hungry after meeting your minimums, you can add more fruit and vegetables. If you get desperate adding another shake or even entree is seen as preferable to eating anything off plan.

You can use soups (and bars in emergencies) in place of shakes. The difficulty with bars and soups is finding choices with sufficient protein.

You can make your own shakes (some recipes are included in the book) and while the book doesn't really talk about making your own soups, bars, and entrees, some of us do (though if you choose do that, you need to take care that the guidelines are met, but not exceeded).

This is where the lean and green can come in (if you're careful to inure that your lean fits the entee guidelines).

For example, about 6-8 oz of skinless, steamed, baked, broiled, poached, lean seafood or white meat chicken/turkey will fit within the entree guidelines (add some of your freggies and you have your lean and green).

I collect cookbooks, so I went through those of mine with nutritional information and marked the recipes that fit entree and soup guidelines (I used little stickers from the dollar store). I have a smoothie book also, and marked those that fit the shake guidelines.

To make my shakes, I buy unflavored, "undenatured" whey protein isolate (also called by other names such as microfiltered, cold filtered, cold processed).

Cold process whey protein isolate, compared to other whey proteins, has a milder flavor and dissolves much more easily in warm to cold liquids (too hot and it will start to denature or clump. Which is fine nutritionally, but texture-wise it's a bit off-putting).

The nice thing about unflavored is that it can also be added to soups (after cooking, right before eating. I let the soup cool to eating temp before adding). Half a scoop stirred into canned tomato soup fits into shake or entree guidelines (as long as you pick a soup under 150 calories with fat content that fits into the appropriate guidelines).

I think I may have overloaded you with information, but when I like a plan, I get a bit overly enthusiastic.
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