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You might want to check out "The Simple Diet" (I literally checked the book out from the library, but only after I browsed through it at a bookstore and had been on the diet for several weeks, after reading about it here on 3FC in the "Dr. Anderson's Simple Diet" thread).

Now, there is no all-liquid phase. Nor is there a "lean and green" per se in the main phase of the diet. However, you can make a "lean and green" to fit the entree guidelines, but you do not have to.

The plan is modeled calorically and nutritionally after HMR (Health Management Resources), which has been (and I believe still is) THE program most used by hospitals and medical schools for in-patient and clinic based weight loss and weight loss research.

Dr. Anderson, the primary author of the book (cowritten by registered dietitian, Nancy Gustafson) is not only a weight loss researcher, but a user of the diet as well.

He explains in the book, that the addition of fresh fruits and vegetables and "entrees" was found to be as or more effective as the shake-only version of the plan. Likewise, they found that those who ate the most veggies lost the most weight, though the lower calorie freggies are recommended (If you feel you need to start with shakes alone, that's certainly an option, just not "by the book" so to speak).

In a nutshell, the plan can be explained in one sentence and a food guideline chart, but I've found the book EXTREMELY helpful and motivating (I bought it through Kindle, so I have it handy on my Nook, Android tablet).

The plan:

3 shakes (or equivalent) + 2 entrees (or equivalent) + 5 or more servings of whole fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen or canned, but no juices or dried fruit, prepared with no added fat, sugar, or starch).

Bars can be used in a pinch, but generally shouldn't exceed 7 per week (because they're not as filling, nor as nutritious as the other meals and meal replacement choices).

Calorie, fat, and protein guidelines are given for the meal replacements, which you can buy anywhere (or make yourself if you have the time, patience, and math skills).

The guidelines, of course, are in the book, but you can also find them in the "Dr. Anderson's Simple Diet" thread here on 3FC (somewhere in the first few pages, If memory serves). I will also post the guidelines in this thread when I get a chance.
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