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Good morning all. Today is the day, finally! I am excited to get it all done and see what it looks like. I have some errands to run for the cruise too so will get those done.

I weighed myself this morning and am down another 2 lbs. I am only two lbs from my original goal for the cruise.

As usual you pay for express then they don't deliver. Don't know which side was at fault, but I won't get the cane until Monday. I paid for express but they don't guarantee it so I have to way to complain. It was shipped FEDEX and it is on the truck for delivery Monday so I imagine I will get it before noon on Monday. On the other side of the coin, Jack took in our hold mail card and he gave it to the mail supervisor so fingers crossed they are supposed to stop it today.

Maggie: I am going to hang in the baggier clothing for awhile since I don't work outside the home and all. Next year I will buy new stuff when they fall off me! Have fun on your trip to NC, and wave as you go through Tennessee if you do. Sounds like you will have a great time with a motor home over the tent trailer. You get to our age and the joints don't like that sort of thing all the damp and such that can seep in.

Jean: Hope you guys came out of the storm all alright. My friend in North Dakota got a huge snowstorm so I imagine it warmed up and hit you guys. We are concerned how much rain is in the tropics. We may have a soggy vacation. The Cozumel excursion is indoors for the salsa stuff but then you are allowed to use the resort for the rest of the day and they have had none stop rain for weeks now. Jamaica is going to be raining two days before we get there so I hope it moves out as everything there is outdoors pretty much. I need to check and see if we get our deposit back if it is raining.

Well girls, need to get morning chores done and get showered and dressed. Have a wonderful Saturday. Faye
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