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How beautiful thesame7lbs!!!

Mak78 Congratulations on staying OP. One meal at a time!! -- I plan my meals for the entire week, it helps what comes to grocery shopping time and I end up buying less tempting junk.

nlauah Here's to a third day OP Scale can be such a nice motivator.

ILoveVegetables TEA! Hot tea help what comes to avoiding over eating. I drink, which seems, gallons of it now a days.

tyla I hope you are feeling better today

Mrs S. Woot on your martini! I wish I could enjoy a drink without the munchies that follow.

elderflower I was an au pair! That was 20+ years ago tho I ended up staying because I met my husband. How many kiddoes to you nanny for?

Primalgirl Nice plan!

noelle8310 Glad to have you here. Today is a new day and you can be a binge free!

to everyone else.

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