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Default Protein shakes - meal replacement

So, i have used Wonderslim shakes in the past to wonderful effect. I am a **** of a lot poorer after my divorce and th past few years i have gained it all back and some more.

But it was the only thing that seemed to work, was a 100% liquid diet, then including a lean and green about a month later.

I did some research tonight. I know that protein shakes are NOT meal replacements, because they lack the nutrients and vitamins that real replacements have.

I looked at the backs of the wonderslim box and my optimum nutrition jar, and realized that if I took a good multivitamin, and made the shake with milk, maybe chew a TUMS for more calcium, and Omega 3-6-9, I would have all the nutrients per day that I would need. It's just not doled out in 20% increments through out the day.

I can't afford no $800 for 12 weeks...but I can go to Costco and buy a 5lb jar of protein powder and keep taking my vitamins.

I think either way, i would be getting better nutrition that my McDonalds lifestyle has given me.

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