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great thread. its interesting to see everyone's story.
i was always overweight, and my family is Italian, so portion size has been an issue for me for sometime. i overate a lot as a kid/teenager, but i began bingeing after i went on a strict "diet" from a nutritionist. i did pretty well for about 5 months, lost weight steadily. it was a really restricted diet, and i started feeling deprived. i started overeating "healthy" foods. finally, i stopped doing the diet and binged on a pretty regular basis. i was 21 at the time this started. i binged on a pretty regular basis for about 8 years. i would order insane amounts of take out and eat it all myself. i'd make 2 boxes of mac and cheese and eat the whole thing. i'd replace food i'd eaten in my parent's fridge and eat mcdonald's in the car....there were times where i was bingeing daily. at the very least 1-2 times per week.
i stopped about 1.5-2 years ago. i just started telling myself that i have more control that i think i do. that just because other parts of my life are unpredictable and out of my control, doesn't mean that EVERYTHING is. i think it also had to do with where i was in my life emotionally. i had finally found a great job and had recovered from a very bad relationship, and was just feeling better about things.
don't get me wrong, i still overeat, and i have the urge to binge at times, and i have given in to the urge on occasion. i just try not to beat myself up after a binge anymore, try to figure out why i was driven to it, and try and learn from it.
it's a work in progress for everyone...we can conquer!

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