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Talking Finally Friendly Fine Friday


Well folks we have changed our plans and will be heading out to NC on Monday to pick up our motor home which is a Fleetwood Pace Arrow. We got a very good deal on one out there that we couldn’t pass up so need to go pick it up from the dealer. It has all the features and more that we had been looking for in a MH so I hope it serves us well. We will be going to Texas and round about like we had planned at a later date but this trip to NC came up unexpectedly. We had feelers out all over for what we wanted in a used MH and this one just came last night so we made the deal this morning for the price was right and this one would go fast off their lot for sure. It is ours for they have our deposit and put a sold sign on it this morning. So off to NC come Monday morning. It is @850 miles to where we need to go. What cracks me up is the same model we are getting sells for double the price elsewhere plus the miles are also doubled elsewhere. Go figure ~ it certainly does pay to shop around. But it may be too true to be good so when we get there if we don’t like it for some reason we will get our deposit back and keep searching. We ditched wanting a tent trailer awhile back when my pains came back and decided it would be best to get another motor home. Besides in the motor home we can take the animals along instead of boarding them with the vet. I’ll just have to find a place for Cecil’s but hut ~ we kept Turns in the shower. It worked out well for we just lifted it out when we needed to use the shower. The shower in this MH has a door. I am thinking I can probably take the door off of one of the low cabinets and put his hut in there. I’ll just have to wait and see when we get a MH just how I can arrange it. Most camp grounds are pet friendly if you keep them on a leash so he will just have to learn to be on a leash if he wants to have any times outside. He is such an outside cat we will work something out for him when we are “out there.”

My back gets a bit better each wake up so hopefully all the pain will have vanished come Monday. I have been taking it real easy and watching how I twist or rather don’t twist. I just don’t have any ambition to do anything anyway. I did order 5 new blouses and 3 pair of nice pants and bought 3 pair of black double knit ones at Wal*Mart. Yep, broke down and improved my wardrobe in a smaller size. The ones I ordered should all get here within a couple weeks.

Will was out at the main park manning the museum display at the October Fest celebration. It is a big deal around here with the large German population we have. Lots of ump-pa music and drinking of the brew going on. The museum display is about a city block away from those festivities. It’s a huge park. I guess it goes on today and tomorrow.

I don’t have any plans out of the ordinary today so will just be doing the regular picking up and touching up around here. I need to figure out what I will be making for dinner today. We went out last night and I had some delicious skewers of BBQ shrimp and some rice and, of course, a salad. Yum.

When we do get a motor home we are going to have our neighbor pour a couple of ribbons of concrete in our back yard to park it on. He works with concrete and will do a good job. Will build his back railing for him and he wants to do something to return the favor so he can do this. We can make the back gate wider so the motor home can be driven down the alley and along the fence right into the back yard onto the ribbons of concrete. So when we get back with the motor home we can park it on the street out front until it’s place is fixed up in the back yard. Our back yard is quite large so it will have a nice home out there when we aren’t using it. We will get a cover for it so it doesn’t bake in the sun.

What fun I will have outfitting the inside of a motor home. I still have a number of the things we liked to have in our former motor home. My rule for myself was to have things in the kitchen that could be used for more than one thing. I have one of those hand blender thingies with the attachments that will froth, beat, whip, chop, puree, whisk, emulsify, aerate ~ actually anything a blender and mixer will do. It & its attachments all fits snugly into a nice case. I have several other appliances and kitchen things that do double duty also. Yep it will be fun.

JEAN Nope, never had a red Jeep although they are pretty. I am just partial to yellow Jeeps. I never did like the sandstone or silver colors for cars. But they are liked by a lot of folks for there are lots of them around. Good thing we had a choice. Back when the first Model T was built you were allowed to select any color you wanted as long as it was black. That was their advertisement and look how far we have now come with vehicle colors.

DONNA FAYE Oops waterworks in the bathroom are not fun no matter where they came from. Hope you can get it all resolved before you lay new floring down. So now you get to have your hair done. No more spider webs on your face at night. Your cruise is getting so close I imagine how excited you must be getting.

Have a great day my Magnolia friends.



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