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TGIF Everyone! I am ready for the weekend and feeling positive. I even managed to enjoy a single martini last night without any snacking or mental struggle. It was lovely. It helped to have a plan for the day and not veer from it

Originally Posted by elderflower View Post
This probably isn't the thread but it's also hard to try and fit my diet into the family's meals, especially since they don't really understand dieting and low-carb and are always telling me I don't eat healthily since I'm eating low-carb stuff, so meat, eggs, cheese, etc. even though I eat TONS of veggies.
It is always hard when people want to manage what you eat and put their own beliefs on you. I've noticed that since I'm currently at the lower end of the scale there are people who think I'm "fixed now" and no longer have to work hard at managing my weight (despite seeing me gain/lose/gain/lose repeatedly). Ha, so faaar from the truth! Suddenly everyone has an opinion ("surely you don't need to measure olive oil any more" they scoff, and "it isn't like white bread will kill you, go on, eat some" as they wave rolls at me).

I have adopted a very Zen attitude about what other people think and say. I just try to look very serene, smile slightly, and not respond, even if it leaves an awkward silence. Sometimes I even nod a little, while I go right on doing what I'm doing. It was a bit "fake it until you make it" at first, as my stomach would be in knots and I'd feel really angry, but the more I put on the Zen face the less other people's opinions actually affect me!

Originally Posted by Mak78 View Post
I was able to stick to a food plan today for the first time in months! In the past I never would have considered one day as significant in any way and the hurtful voice inside of me actually would have made me feel like this one day didn't even matter.
Congratulations! Every moment and every day is a BIG victory and it is all those single moments comprised of multiple good decisions that get you where you want to go! You should be so proud of yourself!

Originally Posted by Primalgirl View Post
My goals for this month are to get to 160 lbs, wean myself off sugar and actually have structured meals - not just eat whenever I get hungry. Also - I'm going to try the 2 cups of water when I get the urge to binge

Good luck everyone!!
It sounds like you have a great plan, I just know October will be a great month!

Originally Posted by noelle8310 View Post
Hi all!! I'd like to join in as well. I caught myself binging last night, so I forced myself to stop, drink some water, and do a light workout. The bad part was I at mor of the same chips and chocolate after my binge-intervention!! Today I am up three lbs (lots of sodium) and completely down on myself. I have many of the same issues mentioned...fiancÚ won't eat like me, if there is junk food in the house I think it is my duty to finish it, etc. I love all the positivity and advice in here!! I hope this will help me deter these binges!
Welcome Noelle! This is a very supportive place, we can do this!

Originally Posted by Sum38 View Post
I went out for lunch and I did not over eat! I ordered a salad with dressing on the side and ate until I was full. I picked a seafood restaurant on purpose. Hard to OD on fish.

Today marks day 8 since my last over eating episode.
Great job, Sum!!!
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