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Good morning ladies. It stayed fairly warm overnight, but I have the ac off for a bit. It won't last long though as I can feel the living room heating up already.

I have left the dreaded dusting until last so it has to be done today. I have a load of laundry in and a few pieces for another load. I hate it when the loads don't come out even, but what can you do? I never overload my washer.

I didn't tell you that last weekend I had water all in the bathroom again. Jack went over next door and told them and asked them to please check. He did and said it was dry so we got to thinking our wax seal on the toilet may be leaking. I kept using towels to dry it up under the linoleum (we have had to pull it back so much it has now torn, but we will just have to bite the bullet until we have enough saved to put down the new floors. Anyway, I got it dried up and put a towel under the linoleum to see if it was leaking when we flushed, but the towel stayed dry. I noticed they haven't used their washer all week so it must have leaked out under their washer finally. They are nice people, not like the other couple of families who did the washer thing. She has that washer going all the time. You can hear it agitate in the downstairs bathroom and the upstairs hall bath. I haven't heard a peep and the floor has remained dry so they must have figured it out.

I started a hat for my best friend for her bday. I have the footies part way done, the hat started and will start a scarf to go with it. That should keep my busy on vacation sitting around the pool or in their beautiful seating areas on the ship. Looks like sail away day it is going to rain all day. I think it is because it is close to this tropical thing going on in the gulf.

Jean: Our grand marquis was baby blue, which Jack hated and man were they popular here. The blacks love that car and you see them around town all the time and a lot of them are that baby blue color. White and Black big SUVS are popular here and the smaller cars a lot of them are grays and silvers. I don't know why, but blacks here will buy a 20 year old car, put on expensive rims that cost about $2 grand and up and then paint the car oddball paint jobs which are custom and cost a bundle too. Since I have flat feet my heel area always takes a beating, but I have started putting the Gold Bond foot cream on them every night with socks and when I got my pedicure she barely had to peel my heels. On Wed I am going to get my nails done and probably will have them repaint my toes so they stay shiny for the trip. Tomorrow is hair salon day finally and I am really ready to get this mess done.

Well, better get the dusting done. I have the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded so the laundry and dusting is it for today. We will finish the packing and getting things ready this weekend and clean the inside of the car really well so should be busy. Have a great weekend all. Faye
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