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I have long thought that kaplods and I are twins separated at birth. When I ask for the beet green tops to be left on and say I love them the vendors often offer me more tops that others have asked to have removed! Also have super fond memories of the long simmered carrots and parsnip when stock was being made. As my 91 year old amazing dad says "there are lots of vitamins and minerals in the skins!" I just like the taste and texture.

When I cut back my grape vines in the spring of course I save some leaves for stuffing (blanched and stored in freezer), but I also use the tiny ones scissored into soups - a tart flavor akin to sorrel.

People pay good money for "broccoli slaw" and yet toss the lower part of the broccoli stems. I peel just the toughest layer and slice the stems into coins to saute or simmer.

When the herbs or veggies bolt I use the flowers. Scissored into an egg white omlette or into a pasta dish they lend a lovely taste of the herb with an unusual spin.

Who needs to buy capers when you have nasturtiums running rampant. Harvest the seeds as the plant finishes and before they get hard and pickle them.
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